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We offer a straight forward no fuss power washing service.

Specialising in the cleaning of driveways, patios, block paving, paths, concrete and decking.

With the use of the latest weed inhibiting, biocidal & antifungal formulas the treated areas stay cleaner for longer.


From dirty & grimy


To fresh & shiny


From slippery & green


To lovely & clean

So, what’s the difference?

At some stage most people have cleaned their own driveway or patio using a domestic pressure washer and this indeed can be seen to do the job to a reasonable standard, however it’s often messy, time consuming and doesn’t clean deeply enough to prevent the regrowth of moss, algae, weeds and lichen which will quickly bloom and start to make the area look untidy again.

Clean Drive offers a premium service.

The area is firstly pre-treated with a solution of Sodium Hypochlorite (a strong bleach) which is no secret within the power washing industry, the solution permeates stonework eradicating deep seated growths, killing and sanitizing bacteria and other biological organisms.

Once the solution has done its job the boarders are cut in and the area is surface cleaned, using a high flow, high pressure commercial power washer, this removes deep seated grime, dirt and debris from the pores of the brickwork.

After the surface cleaning process, the area is turbo washed, the grime and debris are cleared away and then the area is thoroughly rinsed.

When the cleaning process has been completed, the area is treated with a residual, antifungal biocidal solution, this importantly provides a long lasting but safe coating of protection, preventing the reformation of algae, moss and slime and allows the area to remain cleaner and fresher for longer.

Additionally, block paving is resanded with a specially formulated kiln dried sand which incorporates a unique natural residual weed killer, restricting the growth of weeds.

Your cleaned area will be left miraculously clean, and remain that way for a considerable time.

Anyone can provide a power washing service... however not all processes are the same!


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